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Jill with her Pastor
Mutuality: Enabling All to Serve
This past year I got honest about my struggles with mental illness, particularly with those in my church community.​ Months into an episode of severe depression, I was barely​ showering, habitually calling off sick from work and falling asleep at my desk even when I got there. Everything felt painful and unmanageable and I was gripped with the desire to die, anything to escape.  And then I got a week long migraine on top of it, forcing me into literal darkness along with the already crushing psychological darkness.  It was simply too much to take.  In sheer desperation I texted my pastor, “Things are really hard and faith is really hard and hope seems pretty impossible.”​

young girl reads braille story to woman in colored glasses
Healing the wounds of war
Following a sense that God had called her to the work of healing the wounds of war, Grace Mishler arrived in Vietnam in the year 2000. Responding to an invitation from Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, her assignment was to teach English to faculty, in anticipation of starting a social work program at the university. Grace soon found that her experience as a blind person would become an important part of her work.​​

Two girls back to back on a stage
Light in the Dark
​​Josue and Norma Vazquez Maldonado were anticipating the birth of their third child, six years after their second daughter was born. They had settled comfortably in Fort Myers, Florida, having moved from their native Puerto Rico. They were attending church at Iglesia Menonita Arca de Salvación. One of the first people to welcome them was Ruth Diaz Mellote, who immediately became friends with Norma and would soon become even more significant in their lives.


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