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Jill with her Pastor
Mutuality: Enabling All to Serve
This past year I got honest about my struggles with mental illness, particularly with those in my church community.​ Months into an episode of severe depression, I was barely​ showering, habitually calling off sick from work and falling asleep at my desk even when I got there. Everything felt painful and unmanageable and I was gripped with the desire to die, anything to escape.  And then I got a week long migraine on top of it, forcing me into literal darkness along with the already crushing psychological darkness.  It was simply too much to take.  In sheer desperation I texted my pastor, “Things are really hard and faith is really hard and hope seems pretty impossible.”​

Drawing of two women, one elderly one not
Care for the Caregiver?
​The experience of caregiving is unique to each person and family, and few generalizations can or should be made. However, I have collected stories in an attempt to heighten my own and others’ sensitivity to the complexity and challenge of being in the caregiver role and how the church can be helpful to persons on this journey. ​

Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman's Journey with Depression and Faith
​Monica Coleman’s Bipolar Faith is a raw look at the painful reality of mental illness within communities of faith and in the black community. In this autobiography, Coleman takes readers on a journey through her life as a woman suffering from depression who can mask her pain through hard-work and being an over-achieving student, minister, and theologian. She navigates her world while carrying the burden of a familial history rooted in slavery, sharecropping, poverty, and a family secret of her great-grandfather’s suicide. Within the black community, the taboo of mental illness makes Bipolar Faith one of the first memoirs of its kind—one that speaks of the ways that the church community has not nurtured those suffering from mental illness. 


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