We Need Your Help


Accessibility Host volunteers are Needed to Assist Persons with Disabilities


at MCUSA Orlando  Convention 2017
July 4-8, 2017
 Anabaptist Disabilities Network  
for more information


MCUSA Convention Planners for Orlando 2017 and Anabaptist Disabilities Network 
have begun collaborating to provide increased accessibility for persons with disabilities 
attending next summer’s bi-annual Mennonite Convention on July 4-8 in Orlando, Florida.

Accessibility Services will be located with the MCUSA Convention Information Booth
 with Convention Accessibility Coordinator and Accessibility Host volunteers
Look for Hosts in the Blue Vests!
Accessibility Services may include:
·         Printed Maps showing Accessible Restrooms and Elevators
·         Transportation coordination between the hotels and convention center
·         Sign language interpretation will be provided as needed
·         Visual description and reporting for the vision impaired
·         Large-print materials for workshops & seminars
Anabaptist Disabilities Network currently seeks volunteers to serve as Accessibility Hosts 
to work with the Accessibility Coordinator at Orlando. 
Email adnet@adnetonline.org or call 574-343-1362/877-214-9838 for more information.