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Highlights for 2016-17 

February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017

Anabaptist Disabilities Network links congregations, families, and individuals who are touched by disabilities with resources and support services within the community of faith.


2016 -- A Time for Transition and Growth  

  • New program director hired: Denise Reesor
  • Resources provided:
    • Supportive Care book series:
      • Circles of Love: Stories of congregations caring for people with disabilities and their families
      • Supportive Care in the Congregation: Providing a congregational network of care for persons with significant disabilities
      • After We're Gone: A Christian perspective on estate and life planning for families that include a dependent member with a disability
  • Website resources:
  • Disabilties BlogOpening Doors
  • Connections newsletter 
  • Brief Accessibility Checklist
  • Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves, a resource for Disability Advocates

Board of Directors:                                        Staff:
H. James Smith, President                               Kathleen Nofziger Yeakey, exec. director
Milton Stoltzfus, Vice President                        Christine J. Guth, program director, retired
Vyron Schmidt, Secretary/Treasurer                                              in November
Linda Christophel                                              Denise Reesor, new program director
Peter Graber                                                     Field Associates:
Gerald Meck                                                     Lora Nafziger, Goshen, IN
Keith Neuenschwander                                    Katherine Dickson, Bluffton, OH
Debra L. Eisenbise, Church of the Brethren    Deborah Ruth Ferber, Windsor, ON
                                  representative                Rebekah Flores, Elgin, IL

                                                                         Mark Pickens, Harrisburg, PA -- new                                                                                           Jill Stemple, Harrisburg, PA -- new


Advocates: identified and resourced 60+ Disabilities Advocates                                                                       serving their local congregations

Partnerships: Mennonite Health Services (MHS) Alliance                                                                             Church of the Brethren Congregational Life Ministries

Anabaptist Disabilities Network recognizes over sixty Partner Congregations supporting greater inclusion of persons touched by disabilities in their communities of faith. Join the Partnership Network!

For complete Annual Report click on link below